Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Memorial

Location: Gettysburg Soldiers' National Cemetery

Features: Monument on cemetery grounds

History:  Today's post marks the date 150 years ago on November 19, 1863 when Lincoln gave his famous speech at the new Soldiers' National Cemetery.  The Battle of Gettysburg was a mere five months past when Lincoln dedicated this ground to those who died and were buried on the gentle slope of the very hill where the Union cause was saved.  This monument was placed in 1912.

Traveler's Notes:  Gettysburg remains the inspiration for all my historical travels.  After 25 years of nearly annual pilgrimages to the battlefield, it never fails to provoke an emotional sense of awe, reverence and connection.  For me, no other place so singularly and physically demonstrates our relationship to those who have come before and the importance of understanding how their actions shaped our lives.  Lincoln's words accurately describe this pervasive sense of reciprocity that lingers at Gettysburg to this day.

Resources:  Gettysburg_AddressGettysburg_National_Cemetery

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