Friday, January 17, 2014

Charlestown Navy Yard

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Features: Historic United States Navy shipyard, dry dock, Visitor Center, USS Constitution, USS Cassin Young, USS Constitution Museum

History:  The Charlestown Navy Yard served the US Navy from 1800-1974.  Warships from all of the United States' conflicts were built, maintained and supplied from these docks.  Full tours are available for the USS Constitution, the Navy's oldest heavy frigate, and the USS Cassin Young, World War II era destroyer.  The entire complex offers an array of interpretive displays relating the history of the location and the warships.

Traveler's Notes:  For anyone taken with the romance of the Age of the Fighting Sail, this is one place not to miss.  I greatly underestimated the amount of time a comprehensive visit would take at this amazing National Park.  If you have an interest in the US Navy, particularly the naval aspects of the War of 1812, plan a reasonable amount of time to take it all in.


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